Am I now cooler than someone who doesn't have a HIGH ROLLER ring?

Probably … it's always cool to be part of a 'movement' or 'club'… 



How long will the Badgerite glow for?

Typically, once charged, Badgerite will glow in low-light conditions for around four hours.


How does the glow material work?

It's magic … well, not really but it works like magic. Badgerite absorbs UV light at 365Hz frequency. The emission of light allows for an incredible glow in the dark.


Can I re-size my HIGH ROLLER ring?

It is possible to re-size your HIGH ROLLER ring up to one size bigger.


How do I clean my HIGH ROLLER ring?

The best way to clean your HIGH ROLLER ring in a home environment is to use warm water (not hot) with some dishwashing liquid and an old toothbrush. New toothbrush also works … #justsaying.


How long does it take for my HIGH ROLLER ring to ship once ordered?

Once we receive your order, we begin manufacture which takes two days, after which we will despatch. The rings with Badgertite glow material take a little longer as they are sent to Europe after manufacture for the Badgerite to be infilled - this can add around ten days. Trust us … it's worth it!


Can I add diamonds to a HIGH ROLLER ring?

Sure … let us know your idea … click here.